Eternal douchebag Beyonce strings random sentences together for Tumblr post / pretends she has grammar and writing skills. Doesn't.

If there is anything worse than a shady ho, its a shady ho that tries to play the victim card for her legions of fans.

Going to keep this one short and sweet:

1) Bitch your hand written speech makes NO damn sense

2) Who the fuck starts a sentence with "And" ?!?!

3) If you turn the letter on its side it reflects a bar chart of Beyonce's sales, from left (1901) to right (present day) i.e LAGGING

4) No one needs to hear the woman who struts about on stage in a super hot leotard and has consistently been voted sexiest female in the world, complain about being ugly.

5) No one needs to hear the woman with a gazillion dollar bank account complain about being poor. POOR?! Are you having a laugh? Do you seriously expect people to take pity on you... well actually I do. I take pity on your awful grammar skills, your mentally impaired fan base and your pathetic self indulgence.

Beyonce, if it is that difficult being "ugly" and "poor" go get a 9 to 5 job, quit fame and scrutiny, quit posting your junk on Tumblr and go get a therapist.

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